Monday, May 12, 2014

Cramming them in like sardines, 2

Here's the original.

It turns out that public-health-and-safety regulations have prevented the pharmacist from dispensing prescriptions from our synagogue's lobby, but the lawyer and the ESL class have made themselves right at home.  This past Shabbat (Sabbath) morning, we had another renter using our basement "chapel," so the ESL class took over our lobby, forcing us to set up kiddush in the back of the sanctuary.  And, to boot, the sanctuary was rented out at 12:30 PM.  So when we had to wait until almost 10:30 to begin the Torah reading because we didn't have a minyan until then (Chazarat HaSHaTZ/Reader's Repetition--what Chazarat HaSHaTZ?), we were forced to resort to a Heicha Kedushah for Musaf.  Squashed in and rushed out.  That's the way our congregation davvens/prays, these days.


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